things I said I’d never do

Undecking the halls.

December 7, 2010

Last year we didn’t have a Christmas at home.  We were in the midst of moving and traveling.  I put up a small 12″ tree and called it Christmas.  Ryann didn’t know or care what day it was, just as long as I was with her.  We were celebrating the fact JPW and I would […]

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Headline: Mom takes matters into her own hands when defending the house from an intruder.

October 6, 2010

That’s what the headline would read if I had, had a gun yesterday.  Why would I have needed a gun?  Well at exactly 9:43am (I was skyping my husband, so exact times were noted) I told him a man was knocking at the door and would not leave.  This man knocked for 3 minutes.  JPW […]

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Naked for the Internet

May 27, 2010

Our first vlog and I’m sorry in advance.  Seriously it’s long and I’m babbling on about ridiculously silly things. But it’s late and the red wine was flowing.  And since the going trend is to go “naked’ for your readers and show everyone the writer behind the computer screen, and wordsmith responsible for the laughter, […]

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March 31, 2010

We’ve been church shopping (I’ve shopped for lots of things in my lifetime…never a church) since we moved to a new area.  We started attending a very nice church down the road from us and of course Ryann joins us.  It was our first visit; we toured the place including the nursery.  I asked my […]

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I appreciate Ryann’s new sleep habits, my boobs do not!

January 23, 2010

By the fourth month I should know what my baby wants, but really it’s not that easy.  I bragged for weeks that we had a great sleeper, we brought her home and she slept, she slept through everything, including her feedings.  We had to wake her in the middle of the night to feed her; […]

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