May 3, 2011

Up until 2 years ago I lived by a schedule.  When I was working, every minute of my day was planned.  I love schedules and plans and activities to look forward to.  But as soon as Ryann was born, my brain stopped craving the schedules, I blame it on the newborn slash survival days.  No […]

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It’s not over….

November 4, 2010

Yesterday marked what I thought was the last day of breastfeeding.  Ryann is down to one nursing session a day, snuggling up to me first thing in the morning in our bed and drinking her milk.  But yesterday she was distracted, she was biting and well I thought she was done.  I told JPW I […]

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Shared nights.

August 31, 2010

Two weeks ago JPW came up with a fantastic idea.  I’ll give you a moment to soak in that last sentence.  Ok, moment over.  He suggested, well, requested we take turns having nights to ourselves throughout the work week. Nights that we can do and go wherever we want. Shopping, working out, bike riding, anything […]

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Maybe Daddy does know best?

July 15, 2010

I’m hijacking the blog today since JPW told me he wasn’t sure if he was posting today.  But I’m dedicating this post to a “Daddy moment”. As I stood in our bathroom drying my hair, Ryann excitedly crawled towards me as she has an intense fascination with the hair dryer.  But the closet door stopped […]

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Where are you bandwagon?

May 24, 2010

We fell off the proverbial bandwagon.  It wasn’t intentional, we had a screaming baby for two nights, so working out was not a priority, then JPW got a touch of something yucky, so he was down and out for a couple of days and then it was Thursday and I was frantically trying to clean […]

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Same ole’, same ole’

May 17, 2010

Well here we meet again, after another week of Shredding and running.  Did you enjoy my video last week?  Funny stuff!  There is not much to report this week, however I will say that after almost 3 weeks into the shred, I really feel like I have more endurance.  We actually use weights, as opposed […]

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One down, two to go…

May 10, 2010

So we  made it another week.  And it’s clear we’re getting older because last week was when the aches and pains set in.  I noticed my ankle getting sore, then JPW mentioned his IT band was achy and then I noticed while bending and lifting babies that my knee is tender.  Oh my, was this […]

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One week later…

May 3, 2010

I bet you’re dying to hear how we put the big plan into action?  Well it rocks!!  We are sticking to our workouts, whether it’s a Shred night or a running night, and we’re totally making progress.   Here are  few several a lot of things I’ve learned about our workouts: 1. I am totally out of […]

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I’m not a robot.

April 29, 2010

I have feelings and a heart and CAN.NOT.TAKE.THE.SCREAMING!  It’s rough for me lately and I can usually handle any and all of Ryann’s tantrums, wails, shrieks and boohoo’s, but this new scream is awful.  There are big alligator sized tears, a piercing stare with her eyes and a scream that can be heard in the […]

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McFlabby hoping to become McMuscle.

April 5, 2010

It’s officially summer here in FL.  And by summer I mean it’s no longer 60 degrees, the “spring” rain has moved on and we’ve reached the 80 degree mark, no humidity and sunny all day long.  Perfect, if you ask me.  We were invited on a friend’s boat this past Saturday and it was a […]

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