Fo-hawk sleep

September 7, 2013

fake ray bans Great thing about a fo-hawk? Still pretty much in tact the next morning… These studies have demonstrated a low incidence of movement disorders in patients treated with ziprasidoneNow he is one of the best receivers in the league and hopefully will stay with the Browns.timberland uk L’Occident peut il appuyer ces changements.mcm […]

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An Ode to Love Bugs

May 4, 2011

Oh Love Bugs how I loathe thee, let me count the ways… you serve no purpose you fly around having sex ALL.DAY.LONG. you serve no purpose you dirty our cars your dead fatty residue strips car paint you die on our car windows and leave a yucky mess you find your way into the house […]

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Early spring cleaning.

March 2, 2011

On my way home from the library I found a second hand boutique.  It’s like an addiction for me to find high end consignment/boutique type stores.  I live for finding a great deal and still wearing or owning nice, higher end items and clothes.  I also love consigning at these shops because I have so […]

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January 10, 2011

Ryann is finally getting over the stage where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. She attempts to put non-edibles in her mouth but can be redirected and is much better about not doing it every second. So we color and draw…. …and read… …and  build… …and she sits…. Cause playing is hard work. mulberry bags sale […]

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Headline: Mom takes matters into her own hands when defending the house from an intruder.

October 6, 2010

That’s what the headline would read if I had, had a gun yesterday.  Why would I have needed a gun?  Well at exactly 9:43am (I was skyping my husband, so exact times were noted) I told him a man was knocking at the door and would not leave.  This man knocked for 3 minutes.  JPW […]

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Mom A.D.D, I have it.

August 30, 2010

Growing up I was always on task, had perfectly organized  notebooks, binders and a very tidy room.  I’d like to think it’s my OCD, but it’s obviously part of me, my personality and just how my brain functions. Being a teacher suited me and my organized lifestyle.  I could take the most unorganized student and […]

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Appointment making and shoe filling.

August 2, 2010

Since moving in January I haven’t found new doctors for myself.  Most importantly I needed a Nurse Practitioner/OB/GYN for my girly issues and future pregnancies.  I asked around and got some recommendations, it’s hard finding a new practice and building a relationship with someone who is going to go where only your husband is allowed.  […]

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I’m not a robot.

April 29, 2010

I have feelings and a heart and CAN.NOT.TAKE.THE.SCREAMING!  It’s rough for me lately and I can usually handle any and all of Ryann’s tantrums, wails, shrieks and boohoo’s, but this new scream is awful.  There are big alligator sized tears, a piercing stare with her eyes and a scream that can be heard in the […]

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Sometimes I’m not fit or fabulous. Or even attempt to try.

April 19, 2010

Friday I was desperate for a break.  I had a brief moment of silence while Ryann took an extremely short nap and I was able to write this. I couldn’t believe the overwhelming support and encouragement.  First, thank you!  Some days are tougher than others.  Second, JPW came home and insisted I go out.  At […]

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This one time when my husband tried to set the house on fire…

March 24, 2010

As JPW mentioned on his weekly post, he almost burned down the kitchen, and I wish I was kidding.  He’s not a cook, in fact he sucks at it.  He ruined spaghetti, burnt rice and most recently set our toaster oven on fire.  And by fire I don’t mean a little smoke, I mean FIRE, flames, […]

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