Don’t be a pain in the ass parent.

September 21, 2011

I read this article on, written by Ron Clark.  I’ll give you a moment to go read it.  I was going to write my own diatribe but basically I COMPLETELY 100% AGREE WITH HIM!!!  No need to rewrite what he so eloquently and respectfully wrote about the teacher-parent relationship. In my not so eloquent words, […]

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It’s only a phase.

February 11, 2011

In the early hours of the morning, when no one else was awake and Ryann was screaming JPW and I would bounce, shush and sway, I’d tell myself… “it’s only a phase.” When I needed to be pressed up against her so she would sleep more than twenty minutes, I’d tell myself…“it’s only a phase.” […]

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What happened to meeting friends the old fashioned way?

February 4, 2011

So I mentioned last week that I joined Stroller Strides and was starting to make some friends. Most of the women keep telling me to join the meet up group and check out the other “mom meet ups”. I finally get around to checking out the meet up groups that are age appropriate for Ryann […]

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