Vegan – Day 1

by JPW on February 1, 2013

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20130131-204013.jpgVegan…what kind of ninny doesn’t eat animal products?  For one month, I’m going to give it a shot.  February being the shortest month is the best to give anything a try.

The most common question I get is…why?  Well, there’s not many things that I could stop/start doing that would affect me (wow, that was a Chuck Norris “I’m so awesome” moment).  This is something to give me pause, perspective and respect. Or just a really dumb idea…I’m not sure yet. Challenge is the only way you change.  Well, unless you want to suck at life change, then you can do just about anything else.  I do expect to gain more than just some mushed up yuppy reasoning though.  Since veganism is a strictly plant based eating way of life, I should notice some changes in my body as well (thank you 5th grade sex ed for ruining that sentence for us all).  An initial loss of energy from lack of meat may be the biggest drain I’ve read about.  However, sources of plant protein such as Quinoa (14% by mass) and eating no processes food should increase my energy levels over the course of several weeks.  One of the biggest challenges for me will be  cooking, despite my excellent cooking skills.  We also have cabinets full of free snacks and freezers full of delicious yummy treats that chant my name like Sirens (take that 10th grade Greek Mythology) at 4 o’clock each afternoon.

I’m looking for SuperBowl munchies.  What’s your favorite vegan recipe (healthy snack)?
Day 1
– Banana

– green beans
– carrots

– PB & J
– Apples
– Salad w/ vinegar dressing

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