An Ode to Love Bugs

by LCW on May 4, 2011

in Random

Oh Love Bugs how I loathe thee, let me count the ways…

  • you serve no purpose
  • you fly around having sex ALL.DAY.LONG.
  • you serve no purpose
  • you dirty our cars
  • your dead fatty residue strips car paint
  • you die on our car windows and leave a yucky mess
  • you find your way into the house on our clothes
  • you swarm us at the pool and on the road side
  • you serve no freakin’ purpose
  • you don’t eat anything, you actually DON’T EAT!
  • you annoy the piss out of me

So, oh not so sweet and fiercely frustrating, useless bug please find your way out of Florida and go back to where you came from…Louisiana, I hear they miss you there. Thank you and GOODBYE!!

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