Early spring cleaning.

by LCW on March 2, 2011

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On my way home from the library I found a second hand boutique.  It’s like an addiction for me to find high end consignment/boutique type stores.  I live for finding a great deal and still wearing or owning nice, higher end items and clothes.  I also love consigning at these shops because I have so many nice clothes I do not and will not wear anymore. I hate to just get rid of them since I worked really hard to pay for the designer dresses, shoes and handbags.  But I need to get real with myself, I’m not going to wear them again.  There are dresses I bought, and never wore.  Shoes I had to have and the most wear they got were in the house.

Plowing and purging my way through my closet and dresser while the baby napped, I’ve loaded the car with my once beloved pre-baby clothes.  I cannot wait to turn over my BCBG dresses, Ann Taylor cocktail attire and summer espadrilles for some cash money.   I want to continue to look trendy and comfortable while not worrying about peanut butter smudges and milk splotches on my clothes.  And let’s face it…my silk and chiffon dresses are not toddler proof.  I’d rather have money in my pocket than neglected dresses hanging in my closet.

Early spring cleaning has commenced here…if I can’t get rid of all my unwanted and unworn stuff between now and our move?  You’ll see it on the blog or at our curb. Next stop: our garage to tackle my teaching stuff. That needs an entire post to itself {teachers you totally get how I feel, right?}

Doesn’t it feel good to de-clutter your life of unused stuff??  Where do you have luck selling and donating your unwanted items and clothes?

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