What happened to meeting friends the old fashioned way?

by LCW on February 4, 2011

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So I mentioned last week that I joined Stroller Strides and was starting to make some friends. Most of the women keep telling me to join the meet up group and check out the other “mom meet ups”. I finally get around to checking out the meet up groups that are age appropriate for Ryann and close to home.

This is what I come up with:

“Join our meet up, we’re a group of fun loving moms to babies born between May 2009 and December 2009, we welcome all moms”. Followed by MEETUP CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS.

Hmm, really, you’re welcoming and fun loving?? So how do moms who are new to the area, or recently have time in their schedule join your group? I guess they don’t. Moving on I find another group with a similar description.

“Our meet up is open to all moms, working or stay at home, breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, tall or short, skinny or fat…” Ok well they didn’t say that exactly, but you get the idea. I click, join the group, I’m directed to a questionnaire, quickly type my introduction and then, YOU’LL HEAR BACK FROM US SOON IF YOU’RE ACCEPTED INTO THE GROUP. Um, so this was an audition? I didn’t put on makeup, I didn’t proofread my introduction and I certainly didn’t expect to have to “try out” for the group. I thought it was open to all. I thought you mentioned you were welcoming…

I tried one more time, certainly third times a charm, right? Well I didn’t get very far because I was immediately hit with, “This group is closed unless you have specific circumstances or have been recommended by a current group member”. Ok, then I DEFINITELY don’t want to join your group. I considered writing a sweet email to the organizer briefly explaining my situation and how I’ve recently become a stay at home mom, then I realized it’s not worth my time if I have to jump through all those hoops only to be considered.

What I learned is Meetup.com mother’s groups are for the select few and it made me feel like I was trying out for a sorority, auditioning for the lead part in the play…only to be REJECTED!

I think I’ll just find moms at the playground and meet friends the old fashioned way, I’m not cut out for meetup.com mom meet-ups.

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