Striding towards friendships.

by LCW on January 24, 2011

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Last year I won a gift certificate for two months unlimited attendance to Stroller Strides.  I had been putting off using that gift certificate for logistical reasons.  There were no classes near my house on the days I was home.  The times of the classes near my work were during babies nap times and then I forgot about it and when I remembered again the location didn’t work out.  As I purged my desk drawer I found it and realized I need to make this work.  And I did.

I attended my first class last Friday.  I was so nervous.  Not because I didn’t think I could handle the workout, but because I was joining a group of women who in my mind were an “established ” group.  You know the group that has been together for a while, sharing personal stories and meeting outside of the designated Stroller Strides times.  Yeah, I was the NEW GIRL.  And I was afraid they’d snub me with their cliquish ways and fancy strollers.

With supplies in hand, baby in stroller and a positive attitude about working out I stroll up to the first woman I see.

Hi, I’m Lindsey, I have a gift certificate and was told to just show up…are you the instructor?

Yes, I’m Jenn, welcome Lindsey! What is your daughter’s name?

Oh, this is Ryann.  Thanks so much for having us.

Do you workout regularly or have you attended one of our classes before?

No, first time to the class and if by workout you mean chasing a toddler, cleaning, folding laundry and heaving grocery bags, then no I don’t workout regularly.

The instructor laughed and other moms arrived all welcoming me and Ryann.  They were so  friendly, my mood immediately shifted from nervous to ohmygoodnesspleasebemyfriend?!?!  I am desperate for friends here, and I finally feel like I have the chance to meet other moms who  stay at home and understand the need for adult interaction during the day.  I wanted so badly to move beyond the salutations and chat it up with the other mom’s, but our workout was so fast paced and Jillian Michaels-esque that I could barely find time to breath and not pass out, never mind TALKING and CONVERSING.  The hour wrapped up quickly and while I was putting the stroller in the car, another mom walked over and handed me her phone number.  HER PHONE NUMBER!!

I jumped in the car, called JPW and told him I made a friend, got her number and Stroller Strides might kill me, but I’ll have friends while doing it!  I’m headed to my second class now and I can’t lie, I’m way more excited about seeing the other moms than wheezing my way through sprints and push ups.

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