Baby Bins, Toddler Totes, Kiddie Kits…LIFE SAVERS!

by LCW on December 13, 2010

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I thought since I had this genius idea to create baby bins, I’d share my genius with you.  If you’re reading this and thinking, “duh, LCW I totally do this already, you’re NOT a genius”,  just flatter me, ok?  For those who don’t know me well or just started reading, I am not a SAHM,  but I play one at work.  I work as a nanny AND mommy.  I take Ryann to work with me and I nanny for a little boy the same age as Ryann.

There are days when “no” isn’t heard, or when the dog’s food is way cooler than human food, or when the spice cabinet is the hottest new  hangout and if parted from it, a FIT OF RAGE ensues.   I NEED more creative options for them. We can all get bored with the same ole, same ole.   I’ve decided to put together a baby bin!

I have for you a list of ideas that can be used for a rainy day, learning new skills, practicing old ones or just looking for something new.

  • Edible playdough, rolling pin and cookie cutters.
  • Dried spiral or bowtie (or other fun shape) pasta, measuring cups, spoons.
  • Clear contact paper, craft foam shapes; using a pushpin, adhere contact paper to wall and have kiddos stick foam shapes to sticky side of contact paper.  Cover “art” with another sheet of contact paper.
  • Tissue paper, various themed/holiday cardstock shapes;  glue tissue paper to shape.
  • Edible finger paint and paper.
  • Flour finger painting on dark colored paper.
  • Large roll of paper, crayons: trace child’s body, decorate, color.
  • Dried beans, large shallow box (under bed storage container works best), sand toys: indoor sandbox.
  • Sponges, washable paint (or finger paint) and paper.
  • Indoor fort with old boxes or blankets and pillows.
  • Recycled plastic containers with beans or rice inside to make homemade instruments.

I know there are a lot of more fun activities, this is a start; please comment below and add to the list!  I’ll update the post and hopefully you’ll find something of interest!

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