Santa’s Workshop.

by LCW on December 10, 2010

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I found myself sitting and staring among the mess in my guest room last night.  I needed to wrap, pack and ship out a handful of gifts.  I designated “Santa” paper, girl gift paper and boy gift paper.  I had a system going amidst the piles and chaos of gifts, wrapping supplies and shipping boxes.  As I was organizing my piles and relocating the gifts I wondered how everyone else played Santa.

JPW and I have had this conversation before; his big gifts were unwrapped, smaller gifts wrapped and stocking stuffers always unwrapped.  At my house our gifts were ALL wrapped including stocking stuffers.  My brother and I would sit and open our stockings first, oooh-ing and aaahhh-ing at the new toothbrush, PEZ dispenser, CD, gift card, candy, etc.  Then we’d tear through our wrapped gifts that Santa left under the tree.  The paper all the same, in two piles each with the corresponding name.

As I wrapped each of Ryann’s gifts from Santa, I realized I didn’t know if I should put a bow or ribbon on any of them.  We are going to build her table and chair set and have that out and ready to use, but what about the fancy stroller JPW’s sister in law bought her?  Do we wrap it up or  set it out? It’ll look odd for a stroller to sit out there with the doll packaged and wrapped under the tree.   I tagged each gift with her name and “from: Santa”. I know she won’t know the difference this year, but it’s a memory for JPW and I.

What does Santa do at your house?  I’d love to know, because maybe it’s something we’d like to do to!  Plus her Santa presents are looking lonely without any ribbons or bows.

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