I felt like Super Mom this weekend.

by LCW on November 8, 2010

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This weekend I packed a suitcase and the baby for a road trip to northeast Florida to visit our friends and attend a birthday party.  I was nervous, excited and mostly dreading the drive.  I wasn’t sure how Ryann would handle the  3.5 hours in the car, but I underestimated her awesome-ness and she responded to the drive surprisingly well.   We pulled into our friends driveway about 9:45 Friday evening, Ryann had just woken up and I got busy unloading the car and setting up her pack and play. She was not happy.  The first night of sleep was less than stellar and I ended up with a baby next to me at 3am, but was thankful for the next 4.5 hours of sleep we got.

Saturday was jam packed with visiting friends and driving and eating.  Ryann was amazing!  She took a killer two hour nap for me Saturday morning, I packed her cooler and bag with food, a change of clothes and the necessary items.  We hit the road, first to play with her first friend Charlotte, while I caught up with my Haley.  Then off to Chloe’s birthday party where Ryann played and ate cake. Then one more drive in the car to my friend Holly’s house for a wonderful dinner and visit with her family.  Ryann was a doll and charmed the pants off everyone.  And the cuteness she spilled out everywhere would stop you dead in your tracks.

Through all the driving, messed up schedules and eating on the run it was completely worth the time I spent with friends.  Ryann was able to show off to the friends who have not seen her since she was a ball of newborn wrapped up in the moby or snuggling in my chest.   And even though I was a single parent the entire weekend, fighting off daylight savings time and trying to shower and pack a car with a baby who waned to be held, there is nothing I would change.

Before we departed on our drive home, my dear friend Elizabeth who not only let us crash at her house but also took beautiful pictures of Ryann.  This is the same friend who took our wedding, maternity and newborn photos of Ryann….she rocks!  This photo is one of my favorites.

Being home made me realize how truly directionally challenged I am here on the west coast of Florida, how lonely I am and just how meaningful one weekend can be for my soul.  I needed a recharge and this road trip.

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