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by LCW on November 1, 2010

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We’re the *modern stone age family.  This year we hosted a Halloween costume party.  And it turned out to be way better than I ever expected.  The food was a hit, the drinks were flowing and the babies were well behaved and handled trick or treating like champs!  For the treats I served a seven layer dip, “candy corn” pizza, “mummies n’ a blanket,  pumpkin bites,and  mini chocolate cupcakes. I made scary carrot and cream cheese eyeballs and banana peanut butter critters for the babies.  Everything was fall/Halloween themed and a huge appetite pleaser.  After we filled our tummies with both food and drink, we hit the neighborhood with our friends.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without an Elvis sighting and the Busy Bumble Bee buzzing around.

Also joining us last night was The Mexican and the 1950’s housewife.  We opted out of using our foot powered car and walked instead. We figured with the extra load of babies and candy it’d be more efficient to walk.  Plus the babies don’t know how to drive yet.

Ryann knew just what to do, approach house slowly with bag in hand and smile.

It was a lot work to trick or treat, so we stopped for a break and photo op, the girls obviously had other ideas! The babies had a great time and it was one of the best Halloween’s I’ve had in a while.

*For those of you wondering I made our costumes with my modern sewing machine and modern material purchased at a modern store, you know instead of making the fabric and dying it from plant dyes.  I also was under a time constraint, so I ditched the needle, thread and thimble for an electric powered sewing machine.  Fred and Wilma costumes were created using a store bought pattern, and the Pebbles costume was created from a pillowcase dress pattern.  I made the “bone” hairpieces and necklace using the creative talent that I sometimes possess.

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