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by LCW on October 10, 2010

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When we moved into this house in January 2010, we did it by ourselves with an almost 4 month old.  To say it was one of the most difficult tasks would be an understatement, but certainly after living apart for nearly a year, moving to finally be together was worth the challenge.   JPW and I decided that the most important rooms were our room and the baby’s room.  We needed to have a bed to sleep on and the nursery needed to be put together and functional.  Next we’d tackle the kitchen and then we’d take the rest of the house one box at a time.  Our plan worked fabulously.  We spent every free moment making this house livable.

When the boxes were (mostly) unpacked, and the furniture was arranged (at the time) how we liked it, we started hanging pictures on the walls, framing photographs and really personalizing our space.   I adorned the soffits above our cabinets with decorations, I hung some of my favorite photographs and added window treatments.  It was sort of finally starting to feel like home.

Then a few short months later I thought since Ryann was starting to move, we should set up a nice play area for her, I padded our tiled floors with safe ABC foam square tiles and filled her toy basket with some of her new toys.  We packed away the swing and bouncy seat.  But then I hated the area, it wasn’t big enough for her AND the toys and well it felt cramped and confining.  So we moved her area and for a few more months we dealt with it and I tried to make it work; but it didn’t.   For a third time we moved her play area, and now that she is nearly walking I’m happy with it and she rarely is on the foam tiles long enough to justify moving them again.  The next move will be back in the storage container in which they came.

At this point I was only feeling ok about the changes. Ryann’s play area was ok, my desk area was ok and I had set up shop in the guest room for my craft space.  But in an effort to keep our guest room somewhat functional I didn’t want to take up too much space with my craft supplies or sewing projects.  Everytime I’d take something out I always felt like I needed to put it away at the end of the day.  You know, just incase we had company. HAHAHA.  Yeah right!  In the recent months we’ve been canceled on, so it was just wishful thinking that we’d actually have guests.

And today, I finally decided to allow myself some space, ample space to spread out my sewing and crafts.  I moved my desk into the guest room, set up my craft table and well I’ve taken over the bed with the Halloween costumes I’m working on.  JPW and I removed pictures from the wall that mean nothing to us.  We have a weird nook on one wall and decided to move Ryann’s play kitchen there and that will become her area.  I may start hanging the letters of the alphabet on the wall as I find some unique letters.  And now with more bare space on the wall our house feels airy, decluttered and I actually like it.  All those months of trying to move furniture, hang pictures and personalize our house just caused it to feel cluttered and impersonal.

Honestly, I know our time here is short lived and I really do not like this house, and regardless how many times I move furniture, change picture location and clean it’ll never feel like home.  So, today we depersonalized our space and have a real plan on our move north.  We’ll finally feel like we can plant some roots and call our house, home.

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