Headline: Mom takes matters into her own hands when defending the house from an intruder.

by LCW on October 6, 2010

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That’s what the headline would read if I had, had a gun yesterday.  Why would I have needed a gun?  Well at exactly 9:43am (I was skyping my husband, so exact times were noted) I told him a man was knocking at the door and would not leave.  This man knocked for 3 minutes.  JPW had the car, so it appeared that no one was home.  I made sure I was not seen from the windows through the top of the door and prayed he’d leave.  The dog stood erect staring this man down and finally started barking.  I skyped JPW at 9:46am and reported the man had finally left, I peered out the window and noted in my mind, what he looked like.  Why was he here? Why was he knocking when it was obvious (from the outside) that no one was home?  He wanted to rob the house.  Because at approximately 10-10:15 he and an accomplice broke into the neighbors house, the house no more than 20 feet away.  And when I was questioned (which I’ll get to) I remembered hearing noise and thought it was little guy’s dad getting the boat, except the noise was coming from the opposite side of the yard.  My detective skills tell me that was exactly the time they were carrying the goods out of the house.  Which included a 52″ TV, a netbook, and a loaded gun among other smaller electronics.  Yes, you read that correctly, A LOADED GUN.

Let me back track for just a moment.  There are ALWAYS people knocking on the door, in this down turned economy there are kiddos asking to mow the lawn, trim the hedges or do something to earn a few bucks.  This house is in the ghetto.  There are some really shady houses right around the corner and it’s not uncommon for illegal business to happen right in this neighborhood, or on this street.  I mind my own business, after all this is work for me, this isn’t my house.  My main job is keep the babies safe and happy.  I did text little guy’s dad at the time and ask him if he was expecting anyone, if I’m not sure I never answer the door.

I didn’t have a second thought about the noise out back, nothing looked suspicious to  me at the time, I was getting babies up from their naps, changing diapers and handing out snacks.  I was busy, I had my attention where it needed to be, on the babies.  We were gearing up for toddler time and JPW picked us up at 10:30 to head out to the library.  I told him that I was freaked out by the person at the door but was thankful the dog barked and I was unseen.  And then I didn’t think another thought about the morning’s events.

I put the babies down for their second naps about 1:15, they were really cranky and tuckered out from a busy morning at the library.  I was beat, I had a horrible night’s sleep the night before and was very early with Ryann, so I laid down on the couch to catch a short nap.  But shortly into my quasi-nap the phone rang and it’s little guy’s dad.  I don’t let those calls go to voicemail, so I groggily answered.  He called to tell me there was a break in right next door and his other neighbor was coming over to talk to me and also warned me the street would be flooded with cops.  I JUMPED OFF THE COUCH.  I couldn’t believe it, I started putting the pieces together from the morning’s events:

Oh my, that man who was knocking was checking to see if anyone was home, I bet the dog scared him away, oh my God, what would I have done, which baby would I have grabbed first, they’re on opposite ends of the house. Oh my God I had TWO sleeping babies, I wonder if he saw me, I don’t think he could have. I bet he saw the TV, you can’t miss it.  Oh my God, that noise I heard I bet that was them, what if they got in here, they’ve cased the house. What would I have done? Have I watched even Jack Bauer’s 24 to know what to do?  Thank God I keep my phone with me at all times, I should have called, I knew something was right, but I don’t want to be *that* girl. And my thoughts continued…

The first cop car showed up, I felt much safer already.  I stood by the door watching everything unfold.  Within ten minutes five cop cars were outside the house.  Little’s guys dad was getting information from the neighbor via text and then he sent me a text that he was on his way home.  At this time I didn’t know what was stolen and I didn’t know how bad the situation was in the neighborhood.  There was a lot of yelling from some very guilty passer-byers and some interesting ducking while driving going on.

I was warned by the neighbor who was robbed that I’d most likely have to give a statement since I did see the man take off on his bike.  I told him what I knew and explained I just mind my business but I’ll do what I can to help.  The street was blowing up with drama. The cop questioned me, I had to raise my right hand and be “sworn” in.  And I described the man to the best of my ability.  I’m a very observant person, so I felt like I saw a whole lot for not really making myself known.  I was able to describe his jaw line, hair, bike, clothing and build.

I tweeted most of the afternoon’s events, thankfully the babies slept through all of it.  I had mentioned that I was anti-gun, but after yesterday I know it would be best learning how to use a gun properly and having it safely stored for our protection.  You know why guns scare me?  Because they end up in the hands of stupid people. Guns don’t kill people, stupid people using guns incorrectly kill people.  I can’t say we’re going to run out tomorrow and get a gun, but I certainly am on heightened alert. I keep the cell phone and pepper spray right next to me.  I am even more aware of what’s going on around me and I triple check the windows and doors.  I need this job right now and quitting because of yesterday’s events would be stupid for our family, but I will not let yesterday frighten me into a corner.  I can be a controlling bitch, I can be *that* girl, so for the robbers casing the area, watch out, I’m way scarier than you’ll ever be….and the cops know my name and are on the look out.  You don’t stand a chance in this neighborhood now.

*A few side notes:

  • no one was hurt we are all safe and the house is secure.
  • it’s obvious the men just wanted stuff, the cops don’t think they are out to hurt anyone
  • I didn’t answer the door because I’m never expecting anyone unexpectedly…ever
  • I hid because I didn’t want him to see me, because I wanted him to leave, 3 minutes of knocking is a long time
  • I always text or skype JPW when something strange happens, I always notify little guy’s dad
  • the neighbor was terribly lazy with his gun safety, as it wasn’t secured safely, hence why it was able to be taken
  • I’d make a great detective–future career?
  • these events happened at the house where I work, not our house where we live
  • I didn’t (or don’t) want to kill anyone, but Mama Bear instinct kicked in

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