Meeting “internet” friends.

by LCW on August 10, 2010

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In my last post “Roadtrip” I mentioned we met Jenny and Sara.  And by we, I mean JPW and I.  It was great.  We chose a meeting place, and unlike a blind date, we already knew what these lovely gals look like so it was just about showing up and saying hello, and passing out hugs, because I’m a hugger.  We sat, ordered drinks and chatted.  We chatted the night away until JPW and Jenny were yawning.  Not sure what JPW’s excuse was for the excessive yawning, but Jenny is incubating three babies at once, so she’s allowed to yawn past 9p.m.  It was a fantastic time, in my opinion.  I brought a gift for Jenny in exchange for some belly rubbing, she allowed me to pat the tummy and say hello to PB & J from the outside.  I’m sure they were stoked to meet me. Were you hoping for a picture? Well here it is!  I’m so glad to call these ladies my friends.

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