Appointment making and shoe filling.

by LCW on August 2, 2010

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Since moving in January I haven’t found new doctors for myself.  Most importantly I needed a Nurse Practitioner/OB/GYN for my girly issues and future pregnancies.  I asked around and got some recommendations, it’s hard finding a new practice and building a relationship with someone who is going to go where only your husband is allowed.  And this new practice has a lot to live up to, I LOVED my midwives and had an incredibly wonderful relationship with the office staff and nurses who watched my belly grow for 39 weeks and 2 days.  My delivery and after care were fabulous, so finding a new group of midwives/doctors has been no easy task.  But with my recommendations and recent uterus issues I decided it was time to take the plunge and get acquainted with everyone before their services are needed for pregnancy and childbirth.  And I’m guessing they want to know more about my uterus before I walk in there with a fetus in it.

I made the call early before they got busy with paperwork and the usual Monday stuff.

Me: Hi, I’m new to the area and I need to make an appt with a nurse practitioner/midwife in your practice?

Receptionist:  Have you been here before?

Me: No, I’m new to the area and this practice came recommended.

Receptionist: Well, what do you need done, an annual exam?

Me: No, I am not due for an annual until October, I am having heavy bleeding and I’m a breastfeeding mom and may need a prescription change, I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but it’s not normal and that’s why I’d like to get in as soon as possible.

Receptionist: Well with your bleeding disorder it might be best to see an M.D. The nurse would refer you to one anyway.

Me: I don’t have a bleeding disorder, just some unusual bleeding, and since I’m breastfeeding and new to this post partum thing I’d like to get an appt sooner than later.  With a nurse practitioner. Thanks

Receptionist: Ok, well let me get you registered and then we can find an appointment for you.

The woman goes through the usual list of questions: name, insurance info and address.  This is where I should have requested to speak to another person.

Receptionist: Your address ma’am.

Me: 9548 Diddly Doo AVE. (not our real address, gotta keep the crazies away)

Receptionist: Please spell that.

Me:  (I spell the street name, it’s two words)

Receptionist:  I have that.  Is it street?

Me: No, Ave.

Receptionist: Spell it.

Me: A-V-E

Receptionist: Oh, Avenue

Me: ::head hand::

I look up at the clock it says 10:47, I called at 10:16, I had been on the phone for THIRTY MINUTES registering for an appointment.  And after spelling Ave. Perhaps she didn’t have enough coffee, or she wasn’t used to taking new patients, either way I really hope the midwives and doctors are more sophisticated and personable than the receptionist I had on the phone.  Because they have big shoes to fill.

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