This post is brought to you by the letter P.

by LCW on July 29, 2010

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P as in poop, pee, and puke.  Our week has been filled with the aforementioned.  While a great lesson for Ryann on what words start with the letter P, it is not a great stress reliever, in fact poop, pee and puke are wreaking havoc in our lives right now.  Our dogs have left their mark all over the house this week. And JPW is at his wits end.  He’s done. D-O-N-E.

Those foam play tiles you see in the bathtub, their Ryann’s, the were violated with dog pee, and shortly after they lined our hallway to dry off and get sprayed with Clorox Sanitizing spray.

Reese eats the liner of his crate= puke

Cali is scared of thunder= pee (and escapes from the designated dog area and pees on RYANN’S PLAY AREA!)

Reese drinks his water too fast= puke

Cali eats grass or doesn’t get fed fast enough=puke

Reese doesn’t get his routine 2 poops out each morning=poop in the crate (what dog poops where they sleep, Reese does!)

So what do we do?  JPW is ready to ship them off to a shelter. I can’t bear to do it, when I signed up to have pets, I signed up for the long haul. But they are truly causing a rift in our lives. I wish we had more time for them.  I’d like to say I’ll get up even earlier than I do now and run with them, or play with them, but then I fear I’ll lose my already sleep deprived mind and that’s just dangerous.

Any suggestions besides diapering my dogs?  Because as working parents and other household duties, we are physically, emotionally and financially drained.   And if your suggestion is you’ll take one of them?  You got it!  You want a real bargain, I’ll throw in the other dog for FREE, I’ll even deliver them to your doorstep.

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