Today my age caught up to me.

by LCW on June 11, 2010

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It’s clear to me I have no idea how to dress myself anymore. I have no idea what is in style and what looks good on me.  In my mind I know exactly what I want to wear and I can pick out the cutest outfits from popular magazines, but then I try clothes on and well I look like a frumpy 14 yr. old trying to fit in.  I’m left with my outdated solid color tees and khaki shorts.  So not the look I want.  I haven’t purchased trendy clothes since the summer of 2008.  Once the cooler “winter” FL temps passed last year I was rocking some cute maternity clothes and then I had a baby and had to find shirts that were “nursing” friendly and now I’m back into clothes I haven’t worn in  2 yrs and they’re either 1) too big 2) out of style or 3)”teacher” clothes So I wear the same thing day in and day out.  I don’t want to look like a teacher when I go out with JPW on a date (which is rare) so I definitely would prefer to look like a hot mama, not a Catholic school teacher.

JPW wants to take me shopping as part of my birthday gift.  I was immediately excited….and then I strolled around a local mall and window shopped and checked out a variety of stores. The excitement turned to horror and anxiety.  Here’s what I came up with:

Hollister: The music is too loud, it’s too dark and EVERYTHING is plastered with their logo.  Oh and I couldn’t tell the difference between their “bras” and bathing suit tops.  And as I was leaving another shopper made a goat noise at me; I’m not even sure what I thought about it.

American Eagle: I could see and move the stroller around the store freely without getting trapped by the clothes rack that are too close together.  I had more options but everything was gray or navy and it all looked the same.  As I was headed toward the door to leave the nice, young, skinny blonde asked me if I needed any help.  I politely told her I think I’m  a little too old for this store now and didn’t find anything I loved.  She said, you’re not old, I shop here with my mom and she finds a lot of things she loves.  Hmmm, ok young twenty year old girl, I AM NOT AS OLD AS YOUR MOTHER.  THAT DIDN’T HELP!!!

Lemon and Co.: I’ve never seen this store before, it appeared to have cute, trendier clothing so I thought a quick stroll around the store would help me find my clothing direction.  Um…nope. Booty shorts, “jumpsuits” and shirts that snap in the crotch?  No thanks, quick exit.

I could go on, but it’s really depressing.  I found solace in Gymboree and looked at teeny tiny “up to 7lbs” baby girl clothes (for my soon to be new niece) and perused the sale rack for Ryann.  I didn’t buy anything, but I needed to leave on a positive note.

So what am I going to do tomorrow?  What’s cool?? Where can I find a bargain but still look more like a hot mama than a frumpy “old” woman??  I need your input because the solid colored tees and khaki shorts need a break!

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