Fact: Sometimes I’m lame and naive.

by LCW on May 24, 2010

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Fact: I’ve never done a giveaway.

Fact: I’ve been asked to review TWO things and have never done a giveaway.

Fact: I’ve never contacted a big company to do a review or giveaway.

Fact: I’ve received a total of 5 emails pitching me to do a review and/or giveaway.

Fact: I’ve never responded to those 5 emails.

The point is that I blog because I like to share, I like to write and I like to be apart of blogging communities and a prerequisite for a blogging community is a blog. So we have one.  The reason I am posting this is because recently there has been a shitstorm of mommy bloggers being contacted by PR agencies to pitch ABC or XYZ product and there is (sometimes) little to no compensation.  Now from what I read, not all PR agencies and companies are like that, but some prey on “mommy” bloggers. Because apparently mommy’s are uneducated, jobless women who NEED that PR help.  Well not true, most of us “mommys” are very well educated, former career women who chose to start a new career the day our children were born.

I like to stay drama free, in fact sometimes I’m so naive to what’s going on that I did a review of a great product and ::GASP:: didn’t ask the company to offer another product for a giveaway and I didn’t know better to perhaps giveaway my product. Call me stupid or naive, but I still have my dear readers reading and the woman whom I reviewed for got several purchases from her site as a result of my review. So she may have gotten free advertising, but I also gained the satisfaction of helping out a momprenuer. I’m ok with that.

Will I do a giveaway? Sure, I haven’t found one worthy (or I haven’t been worth enough) or been offered. Will I do a review for free?  I’ve already done two.  Will I continue to blog and write what I want, when I want? Sure. Will  I worry about my traffic and try to “keep up with the Jones'” Probably not, most days I don’t check my statistics or even try to begin to translate Google Analytics.  But I’M OK WITH THAT!   I probably read your blog, and probably comment semi-regularly and I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. Because it works and in fact we’re so happy to have you here “Waking Up” with us that at the end of the month we’re giving our top commentator a prize just for reading and commenting and sharing the love!  No strings attached, no entries, no blood samples. Thanks for reading even if I’m lame and naive and do reviews for free and don’t do giveaways (yet).  Maybe I’ll let JapsterInc do a giveaway on my blog….but he’ll have to pay me in hugs and kisses and baby free time. (Shock, did I just link to a web services website FOR FREE, the horror).

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my lame rant.

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