This isn’t a Cinderella story.

by LCW on May 21, 2010

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There are people you “meet” in life and feel like perhaps you were related in a former life or other universe. Alissa, the tall brunette from  the duo Molly and Mommy is perhaps my long lost sister, or the best girl friend I never had, either way her young, random, spunky attitude compliments my old, rigid, goofy attitude very nicely.  We share a love of candy, our baby girls and all things pink.  And while I’m away this weekend, Alissa is sharing with you about love, fairy tales and a wish for Molly.


Love is something we dream of as little girls, because we are almost programmed to do so. Fairy tales, cartoons, books…everything we are exposed to as children teaches us as women that we should seek the happy ending. Find a man who rescues you from your tower, climbs up your hair, gives you a glass slipper and still loves you when your carriage turns into a pumpkin, or something.

Fairy tales make growing up a disappointment. Little girls imagine that their husbands will be prince charming and everything will be rainbows and unicorns…or something like that. I, as a child, imagined that my future husband would be Nick Lachey. When he got divorced from Jessica Simpson, I told myself it was because he was meant to be with me! Dreams come true, right?

All kidding aside, I worry about Molly and her future romantic endeavors.  I want to protect her from all things bad that can happen to her, as my mother never did that for me.  I have been cheated on, verbally abused, physically abused, used and left to suffer without the person I thought cared about me. The world is cruel, harsh and unkind. I wish I could shield her from the things that have happened to me. I wish I could tell her that when he hit me, I did not think it was my fault.  That the words that hurt me to the core were just that, words and words do not mean anything.

As much as I want to protect her, I am also faced with reality. She will have her heart broken and the first time it happens I am sure it will be devastating for us both. I think I will always imagine her as my little girl, clinging to me when she sees a stranger. Her first date (you know, when she’s 30) will be the hardest cross to bear as a mother. How does one let their precious little angel go out in a car, with a boy who they do not know from Adam, knowing all the bad things that have happened in their past romances?

I idolize mothers of teenagers, because I do not know how they do it and I do not look forward to that age. Why can’t humans choose their mates like penguins? The male penguin finds the best rock they can find, presents it to the female he wants to be with and they are mates for life (Thank you, “Good Luck Chuck”). Why can it not be that simple?

I just wish I could freeze time and keep Molly pint sized forever. She is my everything….and I never want anything bad to happen to her. Come to think of it, that would make a great fairytale—Moms can freeze time and keep their babies little forever.  A person can dream, right?

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