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by LCW on May 16, 2010

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Hi everyone, welcome to Waking up Williams and D-listed Blog Party 2010 I’m so excited to have you over, but please don’t look at my dirty floors or cluttered counter tops.  I would have cleaned but the baby is sad and screaming and my OCD took a vacation this weekend.  Which leads me to some of my favorite posts, maybe you’ve already read them, and even commented on them, but if it’s your first time visiting take a look around (don’t mind the dust) start with these and keep reading.  I’ve been told I’m funny (maybe funny looking) and inspirational…whoa big word to live up to, but I’d like to think of myself as an honest, goofy, OCD, blog writin’ mommy who eats way too many sweets and cares about the beds being made everyday. And every Thursday I share my blog with my husband, he writes about anything and everything and controversial topics are his favorite.  Now I know this is a blog hop, but make sure you come back and if you don’t want to miss a thing (cue Aerosmith) and the weekly DH blog then sign up for email subscription.

A fan favorite: Doggy Style and Robitussin

Melodramatic: 3.5hrs, one plate and a marriage


OCD at its worst: I need an Intervention

First guest blog AND how I made SAHM work: A Master of Something.

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