Happy “Butt”ers Day

by LCW on May 9, 2010

in Family

It takes a special little someone (and special husband to come up with the idea) to make a card like this:

Original butt-work by REW.

My first Mother’s Day was perfect.  Although Ryann made me work extra hard for it (she was up at least six times last night, I lost count after 2:30).  JPW let me sleep in till 7:30 (Ryann had been up since about 6, I think).  Then I had some coffee and toast in bed. Doesn’t sound too special, but we had brunch reservations at 10, JPW knows I cannot start my day without food, so it was perfect and brunch was even better.  Ryann was so happy and before we left, we had a chance to capture the moment.  Because this is my first Mother’s Day, and I’ll never have another first!

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