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by JPW on May 6, 2010

in The DH blog

Lately I feel like i’m fallin out of touch with the young whipper snappers. I’m constantly referencing old movies (tron, short circuit, flight of the navigator, etc.) and becoming that old rambling man, “back in my day…” type. My own wife doesn’t know what i’m talking about half the time…or has just learned to ignore my babbling (i’m sure i sound like Ryann some days).

someone just tweeted ‘totes’ to me and i was “totally” lost…wha wha wha (suppose to be that end of pacman sound there…you do know who pacman is right?). it’s still hard for me to believe that 3rd graders weren’t alive for 9/11…and most 6 or 7th graders probably don’t remember it. i digress, just wanted to start with some ramblings of an old(er) man.

i’ve caught some flack about negative posts (my rants weren’t intended to be negative, but i can see that…) so i’m looking for a positive spin here. obviously i love lists and statistics…see any of my previous posts. so a quick positive spin for this week should help (of course for every good, there’s bad…that’s life)

Things I can’t wait for:

-To hear Ryann say “i love you”
-for her to run to me when she gets hurt and ask for me to kiss it
-for Ry to only want me…she always wants her mom right now
-to go hiking/camping/on trips with her
-chores, i need a helper around the house
-reading her books without her totally ignoring me and just wanting to lick the pages
-nights where we actually sleep again (could be 18 yrs or more…i know)
-sitting on my lap while i brush her hair…i hope she grows it long
-having an actual discussion with her and talk about life/theology
-helping her learn about interesting stuff, mr rogers type stuff (like why the sky is blue, how lightning works, how crayons and chocolate are made, and chinese water torture…you have to see this mythbusters video)

Things I’m not looking forward to:

-explaining why bad things happen (honestly, how do you go about this?)
-watching her cry and not being able to fix it
-explaining to her that someone (or dog) in our family has died that she loves
-attitude breakdowns (those screaming banging types that happen in grocery stores “i want captain crunch, i want captain crunch” as they march in circles pounding their feet…)
-homework, i already learned long division and will have to try really hard to not tell her how useless it is. really, who uses this?
-“that” time of the month…you know her and her mom will be on the same cycle. God help me
-boys showing up at my door taking out my daughter (it’s not illegal to show off a gun collection is it?
-bigger turds

Oh and i’ve become quite the ordeal on twitter. One whole person noticed that the post did not go out on time today. That prize goes to @notmommyoftheyear. Thank you.

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