I’m not a robot.

by LCW on April 29, 2010

in Ryann

I have feelings and a heart and CAN.NOT.TAKE.THE.SCREAMING!  It’s rough for me lately and I can usually handle any and all of Ryann’s tantrums, wails, shrieks and boohoo’s, but this new scream is awful.  There are big alligator sized tears, a piercing stare with her eyes and a scream that can be heard in the depths of hell.  JPW just walks away it’s so bad, but we can’t both walk away, so this is what our new bedtime routine looks like:   Bose Sound Cancelling Headphones and my iPod have joined the night time ritual.

Post death scream

It’s only until the screaming stops!  But hallelujah it has saved my sanity and eardrums. Because it breaks my heart and makes me want to run screaming down the street!

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