Stop and smell the roses with the Outdoor Wife.

by LCW on April 23, 2010

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There are some bloggers who just make you feel warm and fuzzy and make you want to stop and smell the roses.  Nish from The Outdoor Wife gives me that exact feeling. She writes from the heart and takes time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  If you don’t follow her you should, she’s wholesome and delicious.

1. Why did you start blogging? I got tired of women and moms telling me “I wish I could be more outdoorsy like you!” So I thought I’d offer my perspective on the outdoors and my experience in it. It has changed and molded since I started, but that’s what originally got me into it. That, and I got tired of people telling me “You should start a blog!”

2. What do you love about your blog? I like the design… simple and trim. I also love the readers that visit. It’s provided a really rad community of people. Okay did I just type “rad?” I totally did. I’m not even going to edit that. I’m leaving my 80’s language there & there it will stay!

3. If you had to start all over, would you do anything differently and if so, what? Nah, I’ve liked the transformation that has naturally occurred. It was fun to start and it’s been fun to invest in!

4. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a rookie blogger? Be honest and vulnerable in your writing, but you need to know when to protect yourself and your family. Only you can draw that line.

5. What’s something you wish you knew about being a mom that no one told you? Never, ever be afraid to ask for help. Raising a child is hard work (that part I was told), and asking for help will be difficult and make you feel like a bad mother… but you’re NOT a bad mother for asking for help. You’re actually a better mother for doing what’s best for your baby AND for you.

6. If your kid wants to try a sip of your beer/wine/favorite drink, will you let them? Not until they’re 21. My kid will have enough people in their life condoning bad behavior, as his mother I refuse to be one of them.

7. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Gilmore Girls. There is a small chance that I might own the entire DVD series. Just a small chance, though. ::side eye::

8. What’s your viewpoint on vacation with kids/babies? Will they go? Stay? Recommend your favorite vacation spot. I think there’s a time and a place for vacation with kids and without kids. We certainly plan on taking our kids on as many adventures as we can dream of! But, I know that getting away with just my husband is important for our marriage and our sanity, too. And, it would be fun. :) I’m in favor of both ideas.  My favorite vacation spot is probably the British Virgin Islands. Everything moves so slowly, the water is crystal clear, you come home with an amazing tan… I just love island life. But I also love the mountains and rivers. For adventure, I’d recommend McCall, Idaho.

9. Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes or purse or other must have clothing item? I love my TOMS shoes. For every pair they sell, they also send a pair to a child in need. I love that. But I’m also a big fan of my Chaco sandals. Clothing… I’d have to go with my favorite pair of jeans. They’re from the Gap like 6 years ago. They sit perfectly on my hips, they are slim through the leg with naturally-worn holes in the knees. I’m surprised they are still in one piece after all these years. But, they look great on me and they are COMFORTABLE!

10. If you could give a blogger one piece of advice, what would you say? Always seek to lift up… never tear someone down.

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