I’m a huge oxymoron.

by LCW on April 16, 2010

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I need a break. Like a serious life break.  A break from the dogs, the baby ::gasp:: did I just say that out loud?  And even JPW.  I don’t like being alone most days, but the constant noise of the washing machine, and the electronic baby toy music, and dog nails on the tile and dishwasher and jumperoo and EVERYTHING! I just need a break. My body aches, and I have zero energy.  I feel like Ryann doesn’t learn anything from me.  Is taking a break from her teaching her anything? Probably not, and I love her so much that I’m feeling guilty for wanting a break because really deep down I don’t want to leave her, I don’t want anyone else to watch her, but I want to run far far away at the same time.

I’m a huge oxymoron.  And I wish I felt comfortable with someone else taking over the laundry, dishes, and most importantly Ryann.

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