Easy like Sunday morning.

by LCW on April 11, 2010

in Life

I don’t mind waking up with the baby at 2:30a.m. and 6:40 a.m. (after about an hour of talking in her crib) BUT of course I’d prefer not to but on September 12, 2009 that option was taken away from me.  So I changed a baby and crib sheet (pretty sure the wet diaper/pj’s/sheet woke her), read blogs to Ryann, played on the floor with her, started diaper laundry, changed her diaper again, played with her a little more, made lemon poppy seed muffins and put Ryann back down for a nap….

All before 8a.m.

Oh and I haven’t had my coffee yet.  Good Morning World and welcome to a new week.

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