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by LCW on April 2, 2010

in All things Green

I’m the guest interviewee over at Modern Bird Studios today!  Go check out what I have to say!  And buy a piece of their art, it’s awesome.

Even though the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kinda scares me, parts of it are funny. Anyway it’s my cheesy intro to my 30 Days of Thirsties Challenge giveaway I’ve entered at Hormonal Imbalances.  AND I REALLY WANT TO WIN!  Why, you ask?  Well I cloth diaper and absolutely love Thirsties covers, they’re our favorite in the Williams household.  They cover her most bulky cloth inserts and fitted diapers AND they have a higher rise than her other covers which prevents leaks.  Because as much as I love doing laundry, I don’t need to create more work for myself with extra laundry soaked from pee.  I’m also looking for more items to add to my cloth diapering obsession collection. What’s a better way to do that than to enter this awesome giveaway and I hope to be the lucky winner of these great items:

A Thirsties Gift Bundle, which consists of :
- FIVE Duo Diapers in your choice of size (which offer the same ease of use as disposables. Dads love them; great for everyday, overnights and travel)
- two packs of Fab Wipes in your choice of colors (to wipe away the mess)
- the Thirsties Prewash and Super Wash (for washing the diapers)
- a 4oz and a 8 oz Booty Luster (for tiny bottoms)
Oh and if I don’t win you’ll hear me crying in the corner… and Diane at Hormonal Imbalances is funny and just like me…seriously. So when you’re done here go check her out, add her to your reader.
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