Peaches and pears and peas, OH MY!

by LCW on March 30, 2010

in All things Green

I was counting down the days to Ryann’s six monthday.  Purees, aka solid food would be introduced into Ryann’s diet.  My plan: shop organic, make and freeze baby food. Only I didn’t know how much or how little to buy and I certainly didn’t intend on spending $78 on produce at the grocery store! Yeah, try explaining that to your husband!  We currently have enough frozen purees stashed in the freezer to last at least 3 months and if by chance a freak snow storm hits FL, we’re prepared and don’t need to make the obligatory milk and bread run to the grocery store. I washed, peeled, cut, mashed, blended, pureed and froze at least twenty pounds of baby food.

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