This one time when my husband tried to set the house on fire…

by LCW on March 24, 2010

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As JPW mentioned on his weekly post, he almost burned down the kitchen, and I wish I was kidding.  He’s not a cook, in fact he sucks at it.  He ruined spaghetti, burnt rice and most recently set our toaster oven on fire.  And by fire I don’t mean a little smoke, I mean FIRE, flames, smoke detectors raging their warning sounds, and smoke billowing through the house.  He’ll now be monitored while preparing food in the kitchen.

He was trying to be helpful, and his lack of cooking skills and “manliness” to not read directions caused a blaze in the kitchen. I was tending to the baby, and the words FIRE, FIRE, FIRE were coming from the kitchen.  I grabbed the baby and ran to see what he meant.  Shit, he meant FIRE!!  I threw wet dishtowels at him to put out the flames, which helped but we weren’t going to put it out quickly, so he grabbed the toaster oven and ran outside.  He sprayed it, fireman style, with the hose as I began opening windows and doors to air out our smoke filled house.

What did he learn from this:

1. He’s to be monitored in the kitchen.

2. Read directions FIRST

3. Flour tortilla’s are EXTREMELY flammable, that’s why they are to be warmed in the microwave.

4. Get a fire extinguisher

5. Our doberman is really stupid (he hid in the bedroom)

Everyone was unscathed, however, we lost 2 flour tortilla’s and 2 taco shells in the flames, oh and my toaster oven. May you rest in peace with the other small appliances.

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