I need an intervention.

by LCW on March 15, 2010

in Organization

Today’s post is a a bit off the beaten path from my usual Monday morning “Not so Fit and Fabulous”….and I need your input.  So help a cleaning crazed girl out.  Oh and in case you’re wondering we did work out last week AND walked this weekend. Check out my workout partner.

We all joke about my OCD…well JPW and I joke about it.  And to most it’s no big deal, you would have no idea I was crazy compulsive about particular things; and honestly I’ve never been formally diagnosed, but the amount of cleaning and “control” I like to have over the order of things in the house is OUT.OF.CONTROL.  There I said it!  I clean too much and care entirely too much about where the pots and pans are stored and how the laundry is folded.  I can’t stop it; and in times of stress I clean more and organize more and last night I was on the verge of labeling our kitchen cabinets.  Because I’ll never understand why others (JPW specifically) can’t put things back where they come from, why would you put the tupperware with the pots and pans, or why would you put the pots in a different spot when there is a whole cabinet dedicated to this type of cooking ware?  My OCD wants everything to be in its place, and what place is that you ask?  The place I designate for it.  Sometimes I don’t have a particular reason for storing something in its place, other times I have a logical, well thought out reason for storing things.  I’ve thought good and hard about organizing my kitchen, Ryann’s room and our pantry among other rooms. Because having order and organization saves me time and well, it just looks nicer.

My need for organization and order and cleaning frenzies have caused many arguments discussions amongst JPW and I.  I don’t know how to turn off the switch in my brain that screams, “Make the bed before you leave the house”, “Clean every surface in the house at least twice a week”, “Put all the dishes away after every use”, “Put every item in its exact place”….HELP!! How do I turn the voices off and relax a bit?  I want a clean, organized house without missing out on life.  No, we can’t afford a housekeeper, I am the housekeeper.  And honestly I enjoy doing most of the housework, but I need a better system.  I was only half joking about labeling the cabinets, because to be honest I think it would be awesome to have labeled cabinets and pantry and dresser drawers. AND I’d enjoy every minute of making and sticking those labels.  Another bonus would be NOT having to explain where every kitchen item and baby item is located because everything would be labeled. Oh just talking about it gets me excited…seriously if this doesn’t scream PROBLEM! PSYCHO!, then you are just like me and well we should hang out. Oh I digress….seriously folks, I need your input or JPW is going to move out (not really, although after last night he probably wants to).

What is your cleaning schedule?  Do you share the household chores?   Do you tackle it all at once or work on a room each night?  What’s your laundry schedule?  Am I crazy for wanting to label my house? Ok that last question is rhetorical…  Share your “schedule” with me. Currently I am doing this: **Diaper laundry may occur on any given day, I usually wash diapers every 2-3 days, so that’s on a revolving schedule.

Sunday- Vacuum if it wasn’t done Sat./mop/all dishes from dishwasher put away 1-2 loads of laundry

Monday- Dishes washed and put away after dinner, wipe down kitchen

Tuesday-  Dishes washed and put away after dinner, wipe down kitchen

Wednesday- Vacuum


Friday- (I don’t work on Fridays) Laundry, laundry, laundry, dust, vacuum

Saturday- bathrooms

As you can see I have a horrible schedule when it comes to cleaning, partly because I wish I could clean every night and thankfully I have a husband who helps me realize it’s not worth it. The dogs will continue to scratch and shake, which means I could sweep all day long and there would still be fur/dust bunnies.  As long as we wear clothes everyday there will ALWAYS be laundry (although I love doing laundry). So help interweb friends…my husband will be eternally grateful!

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