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by LCW on March 12, 2010

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..I pushed out a tiny baby at exactly this time. (I’m a nerd and set this post to publish at exactly 11:09a.m.)  Our hearts burst with love. We loved every inch of our 6lb 15oz baby girl.  She was perfect, slept well, loved to be held and was a breastfeeding champ!  And then she started growing…and growing…and growing…her tiny little parts grew too!

And now, exactly 6 months later she is so big!  Weighing in exactly 7lbs heavier than her birth day, she is tipping the scale at 13lbs 15oz.  Ryann talks to us and is almost saying ‘mama’. Although she has decided rolling over is for the birds, she sits unassisted and has a huge love for her two fingers.  Ryann greets us with a smile every morning and happily lifts her legs for diaper changes.  We are moving onto the next chapter in her life, we start solids tonight. I’ve made her a delectable dish of sweet potatoes.  Ryann can hold her own spoon and sits upright all by herself in her booster chair.  I’m so happy that she breastfeeds as well as she does and has happily been nomming with me for all her meals; I’m excited for her to start eating solids, but sad because someday she’ll choose sweet potatoes, jelly sandwiches and chicken nuggets over me.  She’s a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day and now we have 7 more pounds to love on!

6 Months Old

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