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by LCW on March 3, 2010

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It’s the 100th post.  Do you remember when you were in Kindergarten and celebrated the 100th day of school? Yeah, me neither BUT I do remember doing it when I was a teacher and I thought what fun it would be to celebrate our 100th post.  In honor of our 100th post I’m sharing 100 things with you, my readers.  Because if I could hand out 100 cookies and milk to all of you, I would…but the interwebs makes that difficult.

1. I love even numbers, I wanted Ryann to be born on an even numbered day since the month and year were odd numbers.

2. I have a soft spot for pound puppies.

3. I still have my childhood blanket.

4. I wear a retainer.

5. I wear socks to bed, year round.

6. Ryann has two funny toes and  she did not get it from the Earl side

7. And I make fun of those toes.

8. Ryann has a lot of my brother’s oddities.

9. Ryann looks like a Williams, but has the Earl personality.

10. I check my email, Twitter, Facebook on a rotation all day long.

11. JPW and Ryann have gas issues.

12. Our wedding date was chose partially to help JPW remember, I’m serious.

13. I holler for JPW in a way which irks him to the bone, I’m trying to change that.

14. I let Cali lick me on the face.

15. JPW is grossed out by Cali licking me on the face.

16. I pick at everything and Ryann is not off limits.

17. I clean my ears everyday.

18. I wish I could clean my house everyday.

19. I’m obsessed with a clean house and perfectly folded laundry.

20. Our washing machine, or dryer is always running.

21. I love doing laundry; even though it’s a never ending task.

22. I understand why parents say they could eat their baby, in the non cannibalistic way.

23. I seriously want to smack the women, mini-van drivers in the south. ALL. OF. THEM.

24. JPW says I snore and move a lot at night. I deny it every morning.

25. I can’t stand poor grammar.

26. I try really hard not to end my sentences with a preposition.

27. When others speak or write incorrectly I’m secretly correcting them in my head.

28. I am blind as a bat.

29. Due to 28 I need a large numbered bedside alarm clock.

30. Is the age JPW will be this year, I need to start planning his party.

31. I keep saying I’m going to grow my hair out, but this time I’m really going to do it.

32. We dined at the Rainbow Room on NBC’s bill.

33. We ran over an alligator on 95S.

34. I refuse to deal with throw up, ask my former students; and when our child(ren) get sick it will be JPW’s job.

35. I can handle any other bodily fluid (except throw up).

36. I brag about getting a good bargain.

37. I will never admit being from anywhere other than Boston, MA.

38. I leave the pantry doors ajar.

39. I stress easily when the house is a mess and I can’t get it all done immediately.

40. See #39, I want it done immediately!

41. I’m from the north, Boston to be exact.

42. When around family I revert back to my Boston accent and “R” is no longer in my alphabet.

43. JPW makes fun of me for #42.

44. JPW could spend hours and hours on the computer if he had it his way.

45. REW keeps him busy and #44 isn’t a possibility.

46.  For 3/4 of JPW’s  life he’s lived within a mile of a nascar stadium, and never been to a single nascar race

47. Although JPW is from NC, he does’t have a southern drawl.

48. JPW used to have hair longer than mine.  I have pictures to prove it.

49. JPW used to run around with his hands in his pants (elbows deep)….he still has a scar on his chin to prove that he fell in an airport doing it.

50. JPW has broken his right wrist three time in three different places.

51. one of JPW’s  ex-gf’s had The Tyra Banks show contact him to be on it with her (he didn’t go…).

52. JPW dated certifiable loons…seriously they were BSC.

53. My parents call me an insane amount of times to ask the same questions.

54. JPW secretly loves monster truck ralley’s and rodeo’s.

55. I don’t see the fun in #54.

56. Ryann doesn’t like her thumb because she pokes herself in the eye when trying to suck it (hence the two finger suck)

57. Ryann doesn’t like hats (LCW refuses to believe this although she screams every time she has one on).

58. Ryann DOES like hats, she doesn’t like the act of putting it on….once it’s on she’s good to go.

59. Ryann loves it when the dogs fight…she laughs out loud; and we do too!

60. Reese once ate a hole through a wall….Cali watched him do it.

61. If you didn’t already figure it out, Reese has some separation issues.

62. If you’ve made it this far…you’re awesome!

63. We go to bed every night with Jack Bauer, we’re addicted to 24.

66. My mom and good friend refer to me as Lindsey Lu……it’s cute.

67. JPW can stick his tongue behind his uvula and up into his sinus cavity.

68. I’m officially grossed out by #67.

69. I’ve witness #67.

70. I will cry the day vomit takes over my house and I’m stuck cleaning it up.

71. I trained my students to not vomit in the classroom.  (and it worked)

72.  I have a horrible sweet tooth and eat dessert for breakfast when nothing else is available.

73. I’ve been working on this list for at least 3 weeks.

74. Don’t try this yourself, the idea was great, execution is tough!

75. JPW would live off the land in a tent by himself if given the means.

76. I tipped over in my sailboat on a windy October day when I was 12 yrs. old.

77. I sold the sailboat because I scared the shit out of myself tipping over.

78. I love blogging and I’m not sure where our blog will take us.

79. I’ve run a marathon, and hope that I can one day run THE Boston Marathon.

80. We’re trying to plan a trip to Alaska for this summer.

81. I’ve already begun planning Ryann’s first birthday.

82. And as a result of #81 I’ve asked people to “save the date”

83. I hated writing as a kid, I love it now.

84. I was never in the “high” or “best” reading group.

85. JPW uses my hair dryer to warm himself up in the mornings, while I stand there shivering.

86. I freak out when driving with Ryann in the car because I’m afraid other stupid drivers will hit us.

87. JPW hates when I freak out and gasp when he’s driving.

88. Holy hell, I can’t believe I have 11 more things to write about.

89. If you know what this says I’ll send you a prize….not an expensive prize but something, maybe handmade by Ryann.

90. I’m addicted to Twitter.

91. I think Facebook used to be cool until they allowed “non-network” people on and our parents.

92. We have not friended JPW’s mom and thankfully my parents are so bad at using it it’s no big deal if I’m their friend.

93. We’d love to have 3 children, but secretly I wouldn’t be upset with 4.

94. JPW has pointed out that a “regular” car/SUV only fits 3 children/5person family, and 4 kids would be too many.

95. I graduated 8th grade in the year 1995.

96. We’re in the process of going completely green. Unpapertowels, cloth napkins…etc….

97. I still like bleach, I know it’s bad but it kills germs!

98. When I told my brother our boy’s name choice, he said “You should reconsider”

99. Our children will not have traditional names.

100.  I love my readers and comments. Thanks for hanging with us and “waking up” with the Williams.

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